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The reason why I opened my own legal practice is to provide you with legal support that is focused on your story.

I recognised early in my career that your story can determine how we can resolve your legal issues. Whether it is through private mediation or court representation, your story is unique, and it must be presented in line with the law.

My approach is to be open and honest with you all the way through your legal process. I will inform you in plain English the merits and challenges of your case at each stage of your legal matter.  

The areas of law we practice in at Tom & Co Legal are divorce and family, immigration, and commercial law. The lawyers that work with me share the same values - to put you first and treat you with empathy and understanding. We will be frank and direct with you in explaining your legal rights and giving you the right tools to make informed decisions at every step of the process.

No one knows your legal distress and pain more than yourself and that is why you play a vital role in your legal matter. You will not be in the back seat and we will be working closely and collaboratively with you as we progress through your matter.

- Tom Monks

   Principal Director

   Tom & Co Legal